Monday, June 7, 2010

Friends in High Places

I have friends in high places that pull me up when I am feeling low. How about you? If your friends are in low places, they will pull you down with them. I have a few low down friends too, but most are in high places communing with the Most High God!

Thank you to Corrine, Jenny, Carol, M.E., Connie, and so many many more! You lift me up when I am down and you also push me to greater things! Thanks for being ready with a thoughtful and encouraging word! I hope that I am a Friend in high places for you as well!

Most High God, You are a Friend to me when no one else can be! I need you and rely on You to send me friends who speak Your words of encouragement! Thank You for being so generous with You gifts of friendship! Help me to be a friend to others as You are!
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