Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keeping Promises

I promise. Those are big words no matter what comes after them. We promise never to do something again, go somewhere, or do a chore. Wedding promises are so important that we celebrate those vows with celebrations fit for a king and queen and then remember them year after year! Promises, little or big are meant to be kept.

It is not easy to keep promises. Many things can stand in our way from following through with what our words have spoken. I find that my promises haunt me. Even if I am late with making good on my word, I do what I can to fulfill it. When I cannot make my promise happen, I need to ask forgiveness and admit my failure. I am becoming more aware of my promises. I am careful to communicate to others, especially children, when saying I will.

We make promises to God, others and ourselves. I know that God forgives. He even gives us everything we need to fulfill our promises to Him. Others may not always be so kind. We may suffer broken relationships when we break our promises to others. Sometimes the vows we make to ourselves become barriers to fulfilling our vows to God and others. Vows should never be spoken lightly but with sincere hearts and counting the cost.

Today I promised to attend my Grandlady, Brooke's', Poetry Play at her class. It was a delight and I am so very glad I kept my promise! I am reminded that Gods' word has said that when we are faithful in little things we will be given more. Being faithful in keeping my little promises will prepare me for being faithful with the big ones!

Faithful and True God, You are the Promise Keeper. Your word is always true and You are faithful to fulfill every promise! I cannot say that I am always faithful, and I do not like it when I fail You. Thank You for showing me the wonderful rewards of faithfulness. Thank You for revealing Yourself in the promises You keep! Guard my mind, heart and mouth when tempted to make promises. change me to be more like You, Lord!
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