Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God Sighting!

Prayers answered, a surprise even though it was expected! God is moving. It may have seemed slow for so long but finally a big move has been made.

God is huge! It His time and His way He cannot be stopped! I'd like to give all the details but for now I am praising God. He has taken us through a long and sometimes arduous journey. He has never failed us even when He has moved slowly to the end we have all longed. He is good and trustworthy and today we celebrate who He is more than what He has done!

Yes, all He has done is great and worthy of praise, but He Himself is more than enough!

God, our Father, Lord, King, Friend, You are more than enough and yet You have given more than we deserve! You give us what we desire in our hearts. You give us life abundantly! Thank You for this surprise gift of Your faithful action on our behalf! Thank You for being good! Complete the good work You have begun in us and through us. We give You the glory!
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