Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Voices from the Past

Three voices from my past visited me this week. They were surprises that delighted my soul!

The first actually began two weeks ago when I received an email from a little sister of a past boyfriend. I had been trying to contact her older sister who is my age. Their brother was killed in Vietnam while I was dating him. Losing contact with the family was easy. We reminded each other of better times, and soon after the funeral we stopped communicating. Through the wonder of email I was able to send a message to her. Yesterday, I opened my inbox to find her much too brief description of her life over the past 36 years. My heart aches to know more! I have hopes of renewing a dear friendship even if only tied together with the email. God has blessed!

The second one also came through the email! A High School friend that reconnected with me briefly at our 40th class reunion last year, emailed me a forward about aprons. She shared some of her memories and I was able to offer her a glimpse of my memories. We also shared a few tidbits about our personal lives! I feel a connection to her that has at times, been stretched very thin over the years. My heart desire is to grow deeper roots with her through correspondence. My life is blessed to know she chose me to share her memories.

The third voice came over the phone. No name came up on the caller id and I was tempted to not answer. I did, and the gentle older woman on the other end of the phone said, "Hello, this is Brigid." I chuckled a bit under my breath and replied, "Brigid, who?" When she told me she was Brigid Flannigan I knew immediately that she was "Sister" Brigid, a former nun who taught me in grade school. She was the choir director and we all loved her, maybe because she was young and full of joy and energy! We had a long talk. I was blessed to know she was sending my Grandbabies #4 and #5 each a blanket she had made. God has filled her life with many interesting adventures and yet she still remembered me and my family! Her desire to be welcomed back into my life was surprising and wonderful!

Voices from the past have brought a rainbow of sweet enjoyment to my week! I treasure the words, written or said, recalling them over and over so I won't forget. These lives have been a part of who I am today, and their voices have made me thankful that I heard them day after day over several years. These voices were not as precious then as they are now. The passing of time has made the sound of their voices an uplifting hymn of praise for a God who gives the best of gifts!

Father I love that You are able to delight me with treasures of relationships and the joy of finding something I thought lost. Thank You for the gifts of these three voices. Thank You for Brigid, Marj, and Linda! You are an awesome and wonderful God!
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