Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planting Seeds

Today at Bible Study we talked about how amazing it is that we plant one little seed and it will grow and blossom and bring forth fruit. We do so little to make the fruit appear. We only put the seed in the ground. It got me thinking.....

We have opportunities to plant and water seeds every day. We may not see the growth and often we forget about the roots that grow deep from those seeds. It can be years later that we see the result of our work. Granted our work was multiplied by God's hand and His working, but our minuscule effort was part of the result.

I checked out my Facebook page today. I had a friend request from someone long ago. I thought about how our roots connected us to one another. A seed is planted, roots grow deep and wide and connections are made. We remember. We are connected, not because of our efforts alone, but by the work of God in our lives! He is a connection expert! He works miracles to bring growth to us individually and as a body! I believe those connections never go away if God is the author of the relationship!

Father, You have many children all connected to one another by the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ! You are a the source of our lives whether we be near or apart! I sometimes think I am more than I really am. I puff up with pride and make myself believe that I am the maker of relationships. Forgive me. Thank You for roots that connect me to others here on the earth! Thank You for the blessings of being a part of the growth You make happen! I want to walk closely to You and be a part of Your work here on earth!
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