Monday, April 11, 2011

Believe the Truth

It must be very sad for people that are very alive to find out that they are presumed dead. Of course if they want to disappear and not be found, it might be a relief. Then there are those who are estranged from family or friends who might find themselves erased from the other persons' "alive" list through no desire of their own. What must God feel when people declare Him dead?

I think it is apparent that if someone should say God is dead, they must have believed at sometime that He was alive. The question I would ask them would be, "How did He die?" I might even want to know the where and when of His death. Then there is the fact that if God is God and He is dead, who is holding everything together? Ultimately saying that God is dead is a silly and unfounded premise except in the mind of fools.

What does an estranged family member feel when they discover that the other person has declared them dead? Anger may cause them to push away futher allowing the deception to continue til the ultimate of separation takes place. Grief could encourage them to work toward a solution which may never be resolved if the other person refuses to believe in a resurrection. In any case it is very sad when hate destroys relationships.

I wonder how Jesus felt when walking on the road to Emmaus talking to two of His followers that believed He was dead. They didn't recognize Him until He revealed Himself through His unique way of communing with them through the bread and wine. These men, and even Mary Magdalene, who met Him near the garden tomb, were blinded by their belief that Jesus was dead. They could not see the truth standing in front of them until He revealed it to them. I can imaging His saddness that their belief fell short of letting them see Him alive. He did not want them to grieve over him because He lived! He had won the victory over the grave for them and their little faith was not even enough to allow them to se the truth of Him standing before their eyes. Jesus, did not turn away from them and let them stay in their unbelief, but gently revealed himself and then went on his way.

Believing in the truth helps us to see past the grave. The truth that surrounds us in all of creation will prove God still lives! The truth that misspoken words and thoughtless actions can be resolved, will enable relationships to be resurrected to live in strength because of the working through the storm. The truth of history and the fulfillment of all God said in his word proves Jesus' resurrection from the dead. We only need to believe truth.

Father of Truth, You cannot lie. You ask me to trust You and believe all that You have said, and what I have experienced in the world that reveals You. I am so sorry that I have failed to believe fully sometimes. I have been as Mary and the disciples. I have seen the truth in front of me and failed to believe. Reveal yourself to me as You have done for them! Thank You for not being a respecter of persons, for You will offer me and my loved ones the same opportunites for faith as You did Your disciples. Thank You! Thank You!
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