Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"It Takes"

This past Sunday my Grandlady, Paige, followed Jesus into the baptismal waters. It was not an easy trip for her to make. She faced opposition and disappointment before taking her final step announcing what her heart believed. She has given her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that her sins will be forgiven and that He will help her to grow more like Him every day. It was a wonderful celebration with the angels and those who love Jesus!

My husband, Patrick, and I had the privilege of spending some time with Paige, and her sister Brooke, the night before the baptism. We had dinner and enjoyed a movie together. As we fixed dinner, Paige confided in me that she was a bit scared about the baptism. I asked her if it was because of the crowd at church, and of course she said, "No." She told me then that she was worried that it (the baptism) wouldn't "Take." I stopped and looked at her asking if she had not already made the choice for Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. She replied quickly and with assurance that "Yes" she had. I told her that if that was the case then it already "Took" because Jesus was already in her heart. She was only taking her first step of obedience in following her Lord when she went under the water. The conversation quickly changed to the movie "Anne of Green Gables" that she had watched the night before.

When I make big decisions that take me in a new direction, I also wonder if it is going to "Take." Will my decision turn out to be right? Will things work out like I want them to work out? Will I really be going in the right direction? Yes, I too sometimes wonder if my decision to be a disciple of Christ has "taken," especially when I fight the hard battles within me. The battles are the enemy's effort meant to make me doubt, but Jesus has already won the victory for me on the cross.

Like Paige, I need to remember the truth. The battle for my heart has already been won! We have made the choice to let His victory "Take" in our lives.

Jesus, Lord and Savior, You have died, been buried and rose again so that we all can have victory! Forgive us for doubting Your gift of freedom from the eternal bondage of sin. Thank You for reminding us in our baptism that we have put our faith, our trust, and our lives in You who are faithful, strong and the Giver of grace. Teach us daily to walk in your ways even if we do not understand. I am happy to have my Grandlady, Paige as a sister in Christ! You are Good!
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