Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Story

This past weekend I experienced a collision. Two separate occasions collided to create in me a profound awareness. I am not certain I can do it justice here with my feeble words, but I hope you will glimpse the amazing God who loves us within my story.

Friday, December 23, I received a call from a friend. She had a message from God the night before that she needed to find a recipient for her late husbands' wheelchair by Christmas. She told me the story of the search and discovery for just the right person to present the gift. It stirred in me a sense of God moving in a mighty way. I was so happy that she would finally be able to give away the wheelchair the next day accompanied by her grandson.

That night as my husband prayed over our meal I had the impression that we should ask my friend, Carol, if we could come along with her to give the gift. She was delighted to let us join her, and so our plans were made to visit the Russell Home for Atypical Children to present the wheelchair to Kenny.

Patrick and I had never been to the Russell Home. We were humbled by the gift that the home is for the families, community and residents. The Russell home is not a business. It survives with the generosity of donations alone.It is a light in the world.

Marie took us on a tour allowing us to see the home and meet the love givers who care for those who are so easily thrown away. It was there we heard the stories of people, like Kenny, who have found a family and are loved despite their inabilities to do much more than exist.

Later that night we attended our Christmas Eve service and heard our Pastor share a story that Steve Brown told about the ugliest car he had ever seen. The description made me a believer that it had to be the ugliest car ever. But on that car was a bumper sticker that read, "This is not an abandoned car." As I wrote it down in my notes, I was immediately drawn back to the Russell Home. I remembered those tiny twisted bodies and the uncertain eyes searching for understanding. I was certain God spoke to me saying, "These are NOT abandoned!" Yes, there was an emphasis on the "NOT." God had not abandoned those who would be considered the most ugly in our world.

I also realized that God has a purpose for these castaways. Could it be that they are a visual for us to see what our sin against God has done to our world? They carry a heavy burden, but God has not abandoned them! He is with them. He cares. He saves.

Father, Your children who suffer are never far from Your touch. I give You thanks for letting me see Your precious loved ones. Thank You for letting me see how MY sin against You has made our world so far from Your perfect plan. Help me to be their voice and to help them where I can! Thank You for Those who work at the Russell Home. Bless their open hearts and open our hearts to help them to continue their family.

P.S. The Russell Home needs a new facility. In 2012 they are asking each person who will to donate $20.12 to help them build a home. Google their name and help them if you can! Thank You!
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