Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Looking Past the Politics

I have been watching political ads, debates, and news reports for months. I think my blood pressure rises with each barb thrown. If possible I avoid the bias of the ads and news reports. In the debates I want to believe that under the words being said there is subtace and a guide for the direction our beloved country is heading. I am not certain that I have found it.

I know the name of the person I will mark on my ballot, but I cannot say I really know the man and how he will govern. I can only decide from his past actions and consistent words. I would hope all voters will do the same

My greatest stress with election politics, however, comes not from the candidates but from Facebook and email friends who villify every detail of the opponent of their chosen hero. The anger, name calling, and finger pointing is creating a divide that will be difficult to cross when we need to come together.

It is my opinion that we the people cannot save our country from destruction by casting a vote. We must look to a higher power, the One to whom the Founding Fathers turned when building the foundation of our government. The person who wins the election is not to be our king. He is a servant appointed by God through the will of the people to lead us into judgement or freedom from bondage.

In light of my convictions about our country and this election, I have decided to look first at my self. Am I turned towards God and His will for my life? Am I an obedient servant of the Most High God and His truth revealed in scripture? Will I stand firm for God's way of living over my selfish desires? Will I vote for God's annointed and appointed one whoever that might be? Will I accept the results with gratitude? I cannot predict the future, but I know the One who holds it in His hands. My vote will be made with a prayer on my lips and my Father God as my focus.

Father Eternal, You are Wise, All-knowing, and All-powerful. You alone hold the keys to our future as a people founded on Your truth. Forgive us for turning our backs on You and believing that we are in control of our destiny. Thank You for the foundations on which our much loved country was founded. Thank you for men and women who are willing to serve as leaders, defenders and visionaries for "We the people." I bow my knee to You and ask that Your will be done.

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