Thursday, September 10, 2015

God is Able

For the past two months I have heard, seen and read that, “Nothing is impossible with God,” “God can do what He says He can do,” “Believe God!” I am hanging on to every one of those messages and I believe they are directly from Him to my faith so that it will grow.

You see, my younger brother is dying of esophageal and stomach cancer. He has very little time left. He has said for years that he no longer believes there is a God. The family has prayed and prayed but DJ, my stubborn brother, has not listened to our prayers and has not believed. But God has.

When he was told early this summer that there was no hope, everyone began to pray harder. He refused to talk or listen to our encouragement to turn to God, to let Jesus save his soul. It seemed hopeless. Our hearts were broken, but God’s love was poured out through His broken heart.

God’s love for my brother enlarged my heart! His love and the miracle of keeping him alive for more than 8 weeks without food, with very little water and without pain until the past few days has made my faith grow. Hospice expected his death 4 weeks ago. Who alone, but God could keep DJ going? God was giving him time. I believe God can do anything to draw men to Himself. I believe that God means it when He says He desires that none should perish.

I also believe that Jesus is the Victor over the enemy. Satan has become very angry at DJ in my opinion. He has made his pain worse and has also removed family from his bedside who care and love him toward Jesus. But, again, nothing is impossible with God! Jesus has gained the victory over sin and death! God does not want any to perish. And most importantly, the Holy Spirit remains at DJs side through it all.

Why do I reveal this all now? Because I know. I know that God is trustworthy, faithful, loving, victorious and nothing will stop His salvation coming to those He knows will receive! God loves EVERYONE even the atheist and those who revile Him. He loves with an overpowering love! I, too, am beginning to love like He does.

You might ask, “What if DJ is not in heaven when you get there?” Well, I will tell you with certainty, that if he is not there it will not be God who failed. It will not be our prayers that were not answered. I know that I will understand fully and be at peace. If there are tears they will be wiped away, and I will rejoice in the ultimate goodness and justice of my God.
This story is played out in many lives. We pray. We do not know the outcome. We worry and fret. BUT God is able! He can and will take care of every scenario. This walk of faith does not depend on God answering prayer as we desire. Faith is believing that all He does is good, and His plans are always good for us. I believe. Do you?
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