Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Still in School

I loved school, but not because it was school. I really just liked the opportunity it provided for me to learn. There were books to read, people to observe, assignments to explore.

Because I was an underachiever, I was labeled a Daydreamer by my teachers. Today they may have labeled me ADD. Lessons would begin with me focused on what the teacher was presenting, but it wasn’t long before my mind had drifted down another road. Sometimes I would be distracted by the artwork on the walls or nature outside the window. Other times I would just wonder about things and I would let my imagination fly free.

You might ask, how could she love to learn if she didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I don’t have a certain answer. I only know that for me daydreaming is exploring, exploring is a way to discover, and discovery is learning.

When I graduated from high school and then college, the word commencement was frequently used. A commencement is simply a beginning. It seems funny to put the name of commencement on a time when we consider our learning finished and our life beginning. However, maybe life is learning. In fact I know it is. How do I know? Because I am still in school!
I learn every day. My mind and my heart is open to wander about the classroom of my life. In this every day, now vacation or weekend classroom, I am taught from books, people, and experiences.

It is in this most marvelous, living classroom that I not only learn about the world and people, but mostly about God, my Loving Creator. I could have gone on and on with the names by which I know Him, the names I have learned He is called and fits very well.

I will never stop being a student or should I say, disciple, of God the Father, Jesus the Christ or the Holy Spirit. They are my instructors. My learning will go on throughout eternity and I will never tire of learning more about Him. I do love learning!

There are many books I can read about the amazing person of God. Those written my men (and women) who speak only from their own experience may come close to the truth of who He is, but there are also many who far from the truth. The only book worthy of using as a study guide to God is the bible. You may argue that it was written by men, but the bible, alone stands as a true testament that it is God-spoken.

People can also be inspiring as well as disappointing in their example of being God-like. I include myself, because at times I can be either. Still, there are glimpses into the face of the holy Supreme Being through the unselfish powerful love acts that we witness. We are touched deeply and are called to change.

Experiencing God’s presence in the everyday events or the extraordinary events in my life is a huge teaching opportunity. Like the old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” These lessons require God-focused glasses. God’s presence surrounds me, and I must alert to His revelation of Himself. It is a surprise and a delight to discover something new every day!

I have now been learning for 23333 days. I expect to keep learning for an eternity! I am a student, disciple, learner, apprentice, scholar, and follower. I am not an expert, but by now I am no longer a baby. I am loving this life school to which I belong. I love to learn!

Inexhaustible God and Father, You are awesome and amazing! I search for you in all my days. You teach me marvelous things and take my hand as I explore Your beautiful creation. I am so sorry for the time I fail to thank you for your presence in my life. Forgive me! I thank you now for being my teacher and guide. Thank You for making our world so deep, so wide and so high that I can never come to its end! Teach me more, Lord! And please bless all the teachers I know who strive to be like You. Amen.
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