Thursday, March 17, 2016

Power to Learn

I look back over my many years and realize that I have sold myself short on many occasions. I have told myself and others "I can't" when the truth was I really gave up too soon. I gave up on math, history, memorization, writing, and other efforts.

I learned from my son, Joseph, that I could learn algebra. Homeschooling him in math made me learn, even though he seemed to already know how to do it. I learned from him that I could figure it out. I am still not fast or always right but I understand the concepts.

I gave up on history until I began to study the bible. Reading the history of God's people lit a fire inside me to understand the story of mankind. I still get mixed up on dates, but I am learning new stories from around the world and of influential people. I find I understand what is happening now when I know what has happened in the past. Here is a secret I've found: People have not changed much. Our world has changed with inventions but people seem to still struggle with the same issues.

Memorization was never something I excelled in, but remembering God's word is important to me so I have learned to put the word into my mind and heart. I have not succeeded in memorizing chapters or books, but the treasures I have gathered in my storehouse are so helpful in my prayer life and my walk of faith.

I never thought I was a writer. I loved to write but, I only recently have called myself an author and poet. I continue to learn and grow in this field and may never become an expert. I can do better and so I will keep trying.

These little stories illustrate the power we have to learn. Self-education should be part of our education plan for all students. In fact, I believe each student has as their main job to self-educate with the help of good mentors to lead and guide, not force feed. Learning is a lifetime endeavor. When we teach children that they are to only know or seek to learn what is presented to them we take away the joy of learning.

My parents instilled in us a love of learning. I purposefully tried to do the same in my children. I hope my children are doing the same for my grandchildren.

I believe God wants us to love learning as well. He gave us curiosity and imagination. We only need to supply the self-discipline and the awe from all we discover.

Creator God, Giver of all that amazes and intrigues us, You are to be praised for Your work of creation. Forgive us when we sell ourselves short and fail to see the wonders You placed here for our delight and pleasure. Thank You for not being boring. Thank You for expanding our knowledge every day! Help us to use the gifts of curiosity and imagination so we might discover Your creation and in the process more of You and ourselves. Amen.
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