Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rewards Awarded

They put me to shame. I’m talking about those people who determine to lose weight, change a bad habit, or begin an exercise program and succeed. Yes, they put me to shame, because I stumble over obstacles and decide it is not worth the hardship, so I quit. But I love to cheer on those who stay true to their commitment. They deserve the reward they have fought hard to achieve.

Something Good Inside of Me: A Children’s Poetry Keepsake Journal began 18 years ago with the writing of one children’s poem. Over the past 18 years, I was to write many more poems, given opportunities to learn and dream, and surrounded by many who gave encouragement and direction. I was like that little donkey chasing the carrot dangling on the end of a string just out of reach. I would reluctantly put one foot in front of another, give up easily, and then return to the chase with a new determination in a cycle of seemingly never-ending obstacles. Those stumbling blocks were mostly in my thinking, but with help, I was able to get past them.

This last week I was informed that I will be awarded a certificate and a check for my Children’s book winning second place in a national contest for the NLAPW in the children’s book category. I was very surprised and happy! It is not every day that a prestigious honor is given for the work done.

Getting the award has been wonderful, but I don’t really claim it all to myself. I gave credit to all those who helped me along the way at first. Today, however, brought a new thought, one that is even truer. The award goes to God. He gave me my talents. He provided the opportunities. He put it all into place because He has a plan for the words written. Today I have received a great reward! I am ever so pleased to place this award at His feet, and Give Him all the glory!

I can stand alongside those success stories of overcoming obstacles only by believing God has a purpose for me. It takes faith to take each step toward His will not mine.

The truth I see today is that earthly awards have no value in my hands. Only when my awards are given to the God who is the Beginning and the End can I receive the reward I deserve, the pleasure of giving value to my Creator, Lord, and Savior.

Father God, You created me for Your glory. You chose a plan for me. You are the only one who deserves the praise. All of my accomplishments began with You and will end with You. Forgive me for holding tight to my earthly awards. Thank You for the reward that is greater! I desire to make You smile. I want to make You known throughout the world.
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