Sunday, May 29, 2016



Grandlady Abi has always been scared of bugs. She would scream, cry and run away from the sight of a creepy crawly or a buzzing bomber. Lately, however, she has surprised us all with her fascination for all kinds of crawling bugs. Rolly pollys and centipedes are hunted down and collected by hand into containers. She watches them with a studious gaze and reports in great detail to any listening ear. Though Abi has always loved animals, this new discovery of the smallest of God’s creatures is amazing to watch. She is learning about herself and about the wonders of insect life.

Eugene Cernan was the astronaut chosen to leave the last footprint on the surface of the moon. I watched a documentary about him that unraveled the story of his journey through the space program and beyond, but it also told the personal side of life. The movie was informative and moving. He grew from a simple farm boy, to fighter pilot, to an astronaut, to only one of twelve men to walk on the moon.

The last trip to the moon was a mission to bring back moon rocks and explore as much of the landscape as possible via the Lunar Rover. The video from that day of discovery was so much fun to watch! “Gene” Cernan was having a great time on the moon. It seemed as if he frolicked and played while attending to his duties. He saw the handiwork of God and was amazed. I was having fun watching him. As he approached the LEM to leave the moon, he stopped to write his daughter’s initials in the moon dust. It would still be a long journey for him to learn about himself and the wonders of our world.

Exploration and discovery are the themes of these two stories. Each was learning and discovering things in a new way. In the same way, I was discovering something about God. I could sense His delight as He watched His children uncover the mysteries of the world He created just for us! He was watching Abi and “Gene” immersing themselves in the pleasure of the moment and I am sure He smiled!
I know that there is much more to discover. What can I uncover today about God? Myself? Creation? The list can go on for eternity! Yes, I think I will need a place where there is no end where my spirit, soul and body can experience the glory of the Lord!

Good Father, You are timeless and endless in discovery! I have too often remained in my shell where I feel safe. Forgive me for not looking far where I can be enticed to search for more of You! Thank You for making the world a place of amazing lessons. I want to be an explorer who reaches far beyond myself and touches you! Amen.

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