Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have read that my fathers' Scottish bloodline was known for being bards (poets and singers). There is evidence that my mother's Slovenian bloodline was heavily endowed with the musical gifts. It is no small wonder that I gravitate to the arts.

Some of my fascination must certainly be the environment as well as heritage. My parents modeled music, literature, art, theater, and dance appreciation. We were encouraged to participate in anything that we enjoyed. Taking inventory of each of us, I have found that we all have had some success in the arts over the years.

The passing down of genetic material may predisposition us to a certain activity. I prefer the more poetic term of "Bloodline" to describe that unique inheritance. It reminds me of the long "Bloodline" passages in scripture where we are given a glimpse into the place each family belonged in the household of mankind. Scripture, however, does give us hope to strengthen the purity of the godly inheritance and turn away from the ungodly.

Our bloodline inheritance has been given to us by Creator God just as our spiritual inheritance is given by our Savior God through His Holy Spirit. Both are gifts to accept and use to their fullness or to reject and allow to waste away. The question is: Are we accepting and using our gifts? Or are we accepting and shelving the gift to wait on His return?

Giver of all good gifts, you are generous in Your giving. You are patient in our receiving. you deserve our gratitude for the many gifts we have received from Your hands. Today I take up my pen to write for Your glory. I take up my cross and follow You. You alone are truly worthy of that commitment.
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