Sunday, August 30, 2009


Two nights ago I stayed up late to watch the shuttle go off into space. Nighttime launches are spectacular and this was no exception.

As the TV announcer spoke, I watched the clock tick down to the final seconds. At the 30 second mark I hurried outside just in time to see the eastern sky begin to light up. When the rockets are lit the sky brightens like the beginning of a sunrise. Suddenly a ball of fire lifts into the sky! It is thrilling to see it so clearly from my front yard! I watched until the boosters fell off, and the shuttle pushed its way into space looking like a new star in the night. Discovery was off! It was worth the loss of sleep. It provided a simple pleasure of human accomplishment.

I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving for the safe lift off, and then added a petition for their safe return. My mind took flight in the wonder of our ability to make this happen! Just as quickly I was awed to hear God speak to my heart that He set in place every scientific, mathematic and physics principle that allowed us to reach for the stars! He designed our world and us for discovery!

God Almighty, Creator of all things, You are wonderful! You amaze me with how you really did make us in Your image! This is the day I am amazed that You are a God of discovery and You invite us into the far reaches of Your universe to know You better! Thank You for this wonderful gift. May I use it with wisdom and truth.
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