Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Need

I need words. I need to hear a loving voice whisper or maybe even shout the good things they see in me. I confess that I don't get enough from those who love me, and so I seek out someone who will speak the truth of my beauty and giftedness and tell me how my weaknesses can be turned into good things.

It is THE Word to which I run for my needs to be satisfied. I turn my ear to hear His voice. I look for Him and His little delights that romance me and draw me close. He speaks truth and love.

Yes, there are times when earthly loves speak the words I need or want to hear. There are times when my needs are met, but when they aren't I have Someone to run to! He is ALWAYS there for me!

Thank You, Jesus! Thank You Father for letting Jesus be my Word that loves me and tells me the truth!
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