Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Everyone likes to be invited to join the party, but what about being invited to work, or learn a new skill, or change bad habits, or...well I could go on but you get the idea. What do you want to be invited to join? What do you need to be invited to do?

Invitations came to us throughout our day, and most often we simply pass them by. God sends invitations with His whisper to join Him in a time of prayer or simple conversation about our lives. He may also send an invitation to enjoy creation with the passing of a butterfly or His cloud paintings. He might invite us to forgive or reach out to someone by a simple word or look into their eyes.

I received an email newsletter that listed many invitations that I had never thought of before. These were things like being invited to reach for a dream or take the step toward that dream. The newsletter, "Inspiration Strategies" with Diane Cunningham, made me think a little differently about all the invitations I Receive but never accept.

There is one invitation I accept every day. I am invited daily to allow Jesus to be my Lord and to let His plan rule my life. Though I am not perfect at this, I do make a strong effort to invite Him into the place of honor. It is what makes me want to invite others to join us! Someday in heaven we will meet because we accepted His invitation.

Lord Jesus, I accept Your invitation today. I may not be perfect in my surrender to You, but I have trust in You to make my R.S.V.P. certain! Thank You for inviting me! It will be a great celebration and I would not want to miss it!
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