Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Older I Get

The older I get the more I know that I know so little, and even what I thought I knew, I really didn't!

Confusing isn't it? I am finding out that old age (not that I am completely there yet)is confusing. It may be strange, but as I watch my grandchildren learning about the world, I see them face confusion in their lives too. In fact it seems there is confusion all around us!

People walk through life asking questions about what they should do with their lives and what direction they should go next. We are constantly facing new challenges that confuse us and make us wonder if we really know what we are doing here.

Each stage of life has its confusions. Infants see the world only through their comfort. When they grow into children they put great stock on their feelings. The teen years take us through a maze of hormones. Adulthood traps us in the crazy systems of this world. Then comes old age where we take all of these experiences and mix them into a jumbled mess that we thought we had under control!

I, for one, am so blessed to know that God has a plan for me that is not confusing to Him, though it may be for me. I guess if He is the designer, planner and giver then He will be the one to turn to when my mind becomes cloudy with the things I thought I knew.

Creator Father, You see all things clearly and I want to see my world through Your eyes. I believe that You are good and that in your goodness You have placed all my days! Thank You for letting me see in the mirror dimly, so that when I come to You I will see clearly. You will surely show me who You have been for me. Open my eyes to see more of You as I journey through this once again confusing time.
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