Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visiting the Past

I have found that looking back into the past is a new experience! Faces change even though they may carry the same expressions. Time weathers not only people with the various journeys we take, but also our perceptions of the past.

I can visit the past with new eyes and new ears and a brand new heart that remembers and forgives. The past becomes a reality that has moved with me through the years and changed with life's footprints.

Life is the sum of all our time. It is our past, present, and future! We can change the future by our present, and we change the effects of our past by our present choices. Today is the control room. I have given the control room over to The Good and Perfect All-Knowing God that loves me beyond my comprehension! Without Him I would fumble at the controls and wander aimlessly through life in darkness.

Thank You, Father of all that is good and right! You are the only One worthy to control in wisdom and truth! Thank You for the choice. Thank You for Life in Your loving hands!
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