Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To-Be List

Does your to-do list keep growing like mine? It seems that I check off three items and five more pop up! Yes, some are short timers like balancing the check book, but even that can draw itself out to being a long project if things don't go as planned! Others are the type of projects that last for months and seem to add lots of small items to the list.

Today as I began to check off a few of the waiting list items, I thought about my attitude and the character within me that makes a difference in what and how I do the things I do. I found myself listing the things i wanted to show the world through my work. I call it my to-be list.

I want to be kind, generous, loyal, faithful in the little things, loving and patient among many other virtues. The interesting thing about a to-be list is that the items listed should never be checked off. They should remain constant and lived out day to day!

It is only through a daily relationship with God that I can fall into bed thanking God for all I accomplished and all He accomplished in and through me to-be and to-do!

Holy God, my Father in Heaven, You deserve my praise and thanksgiving ! You walk me through each day offering me Your Spirit to plant the seeds that grow into my to-be list. I know this is the list You are most concerned about in my life, but You graciously allow me a to-do list to satisfy my longing to have purpose and a place in Your kingdom! Thank You for making me Your own, and for having a plan for my every day! You are awesome, Lord!
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