Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too Much, Not Enough

It has been too long since I've last posted here. I have had thoughts to share but in my mind they were either too much or not enough. What do I mean by that?

Too much means that sometimes I think my thoughts drown people! My husband and a few other people close to me say I am "Deep." Because I do not get much traffic here I tend to believe that people either don't understand what I am talking about, or they get tired of trying to figure it all out. Time to laugh at myself! If I am too much, do I really need to give too little? Who am I pleasing if I do? It is time to give God what He made me to be, even if it is too much!

Not enough means that sometimes My thoughts just do not measure up to others expectations. They may not be spiritual or they may be common knowledge. Whatever the reason, they are not enough to hold the attention of my readers. Again, it is time to laugh at myself! Do I really need to be more than who I am?

Pleasing people is hard. There are times I think that pleasing God is difficult, but the truth is that He is easy to please. He told us that all we really need to please Him is faith. We need to believe in Him and trust Him! So, how does this blog show my faith in God?

My blog is written about my faith walk. When God overwhelms me or when I stumble and fall and He offers grace, I am willing to share. If I am too much or not enough for you, I hope you will read past my words and hear my Heavenly Father. He just might be telling you that it is okay to be too much or not enough in the world, because to Him you are just right!

Perfect Father, I am glad that I do not need to be perfect. You cover over my imperfections! You see me as Your perfect child because of Your Son Jesus. Thank You!
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