Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Stuff

This morning our pastor spoke on The Theology of Stuff. Interesting title and his scriptures and insights made me think. The last point he made was that God is the owner of our stuff and We are the stewards. The most often word I heard today was the word "Willing." I love it when God takes me just a bit further in thinking about the sermon topic. Today, God again humbled me with the thoughts He gave.

God wants me to be a willing giver. It delights Him when I become hilarious over giving. That happened yesterday for me. I was so very excited to shop with my husband for our young boy who will receive our shoebox! I would giggle and tremble with excitement as I placed each item into that little box. We searched for a scripture to write on the box and chose Proverbs 3. It was our prayer for this young man. I was so very willing to give what I could. I could not help but be full of willing joy in giving! I felt God's pleasure too.

Before Sunday School I looked over the outline for the sermon, contemplating the points John would expound. "Who is the owner of my stuff," was one of the questions to be answered. I already knew that the answer was God. The interesting part was that God is the owner of ALL my stuff. Yes all of it! He even takes away our sin when we don't want to own it anymore! WOW! Now THAT is a God thing! He does not want us to own our sin and so He takes it. He owned it on the cross, paying the price that was rightfully mine to pay.

Lord God, Owner of all creation, You are the Good and Holy God who would own my sin so that I would be free to live. I bow my heart before You. I do not deserve what You did for me! Thank You for Your mercy that took my sin and owned it all the way to the cross. I want all that is mine to be Yours. I want to be willing to give You all: my sin, my things and my life. Today my hand is open. Remind me every day that You took the worst of me and You really deserve the best.
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