Sunday, March 4, 2012

Proverbs Nineteen

Proverbs 19:20 Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.

When I read this it reminded me of a poem I wrote some time ago. I thought it might be appropriate to put here.

Am I Teachable?

Am I teachable?
Do I listen for Your voice,
Even when it comes to me
Through criticism, rebuke, or
Those under my authority?

Do I set my eyes on You,
Following Your every move
So that I might not step
Ahead of You or fall too far behind?
Am I willing to let go of my desires
allowing You to determine the outcome of my work and
letting You have Your way in and through me?

Am I willing and eager to hear the truth,
Obey it and let it be the
Hallmark of my life?
Do I do my work with honesty and integrity,
Perseverance and determination?
Do I reject the worlds’ definitions of truth,
Knowing without doubt that
You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life?
Do I place myself under the authority of the entire Truth?

Are the places I put my heart at one with You, my Lord?
Do I embrace You with my whole heart
leaving nothing for self gratification or for worldly lusts?
Does my inner being yearn to dive deeper into You,
Experiencing Your fullness:
Learning about You
Learning from You?

Am I teachable?

Carolynn J. Scully © 2009

Teacher and Lord, You are all knowing and all wise. You are the teacher with all the answers. I am not always teachable, Lord. I am sorry for being stubborn and hard headed not willing to listen to Your wise counsel. Thank You for reminding me again that I must have a teachable spirit and let You lead me! Open my heart to teachable moments.
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