Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

Blessings rain on us every day.

Today we had rain at our house. Yes, the wet kind, but also the blessing kind! It seems there is no end to the beauty, grace, surprise goodness, and joy that enter my world over and over. Each God-kissed drop of blessing is meant to be received with thanks.

I kiss God with my thanksgiving prayers and I remember the blessings of today and yesterday. Remembering blessings in gratefulness gives life to the trust seeds that I need to get me through the difficult days.

It is so easy for trust to grow like a garden and then slowly fade in the heat of the day. And so, my eyes and ears must be open wide to see and hear the blessings from above.

I need to trust.

I need to watch and listen for blessings.

I need to be filled with gratitude for them all.

Trustworthy, Faithful God, You are worthy of my praise and thanksgiving! You are good and shower me with blessings every day! I am blind and deaf to You unless You heal me and reveal Yourself to me! Thank You for the revealing of Yourself through Your Word and Your Holy Spirit in others. I want more of Your blessing kisses. I promise to learn to send gratitude kisses back!
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