Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Life of Thanksgiving

Every day I write down the things for which I am grateful. I think that is a very good start to hliving life with gratitude, but it seems just like putting a stamp or a P.S. on a letter or maybe even just a payment on a bill.

I am beginning to think that a few words of appreciation at the end of the day does not fill my life with thanksgiving. I want to get to the place where those few minutes at the end of my day, or the few whispers of "Thank You" during my busy moments begin to flood over and drown me in an attitude of gratefulness!

How do I get there? Well, the journal is making me aware of the blessings that surround me. It also keeps me looking for those precious moments. It is possible to go further. What if I decided to set aside definite times during the day when I stop and pray a prayer of thanks? Setting the timer and chosing to tell God how good He is right then could be a way to spread the attitude throughout the day.

Would it be worth the effort? I think so. He is worth it! Surely there can only be good in the giving of thanks!

Good and Holy God, You ARE worthy to be praised! In everything I should give You thanks! But I am only taking baby steps toward that full life flooding over with gratitude. Forgive me, Father, for the times I have walked away like the 9 lepers who forgot to say thanks. Thank You for turning me around and leading me to the place where my heart can be full of thanksgiving, living in the blessing, and overcome with joy! You are good. I want to see You in my whole life!
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