Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

My hopes for this Season of Holy Wonder has not been fulfilled. I wanted so very much to draw closer to God, and yet, I find I am struggling to enjoy the sweet comforting traditions that usually draw me closer to the true Spirit that dwells within the truth of God with us. Maybe you, too, have found these days difficult. Maybe we can salvage the Christmas joy in the next few days.

This time of year is usually a time for much activity. I have been busier than usual, but the activity has lost its excitement because I have not put a purpose into the work, except to just get it done. In years past I made every effort to make Jesus the center of my to-do list. This year has been different.

In times past gifts were bought, baking done, carols sung, decorations hung, and cards were written with the purpose of blessing others. This year, with our tight budget, and needing to cut corners everywhere, I began to think more of my pocket book than the joy of making others smile. Oh, I've had moments, but it has not been the overwhelming feeling of good will towards men that I most often feel. All of this has made me very sad.

I've allowed frustrations and worries cloud my celebration. I am not proud of
that. I know better. I just did not act on what I knew. Today the decision has been made. The next few days will be spent looking for ways to live thankfully and with joy. I will celebrate the truth that God is with us. HE is the joy for which I long.

Father, You are my Christmas. You are my gift, my joy, my song. I have been selfish and ungrateful. Forgive me! Thank You for turning my heart towards You. Thank You for making this the best Christmas ever! Send me out to make Your Good News known to the world!
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