Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Letter Part 2

Yesterday it began. The filling of my heart with Christmas started during the church service Sunday morning. The music, sermon, communion, prayer, every moment contributed to the release of Grace into my soul. I was touched to tears.

The grandest moment came when wishing a friend a Merry Christmas and asking how her new job was coming along. God spoke words to me through her. Just like Simeon spoke to Mary in the temple, my friend spoke truth, wisdom and confirmation to me. It was a God moment, even if she did not know.

I learned that through all my struggles during this Advent Season, God was working in me and around me. He has revealed things that have been keeping me in bondage, that coincide with my disappointments of this past month. In the exposing of the root issues, I have seen clearly that He was giving me the best of Christmas.

Christmas is a promise of new life. It is the hope of freedom and change. Jesus is Christmas! He was busy working in me through His Holy Spirit to bring those Christmas gifts to me. I am a blessed woman to serve a God that is so intimately involved in my every day trials.

Father God, Lord Jesus, Precious Holy Spirit, You are one. You are an amazing gift to the world and to me! I am sorry for being so blinded by the things of this world that i did not see You working on my behalf. Thank You for letting me open my gift early. Thank You for using my friend, and all the workers at church to help me regain my sight! Walk with me every day reminding me of this new life! Thank You!
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