Friday, December 7, 2012

Take Me Back to Bethlehem

I've been putting up Christmas decorations this week. The tree has become a chore because I like the end result to be a certain way. Other greenery and lights are not as time consuming, but they drain energy for regular chores. There is always something needing to be done. I suppose that is why my prayer over and over during this process has been "Take me back to Bethlehem."

It hasn't been a prayer thought out but a simple reactionary prayer of my heart. I want a humble place to sit and focus on the presence of God in my life. I want things to be simpler. I see my Christmas efforts as me throwing this and that into the manger along with Jesus. Hey, Jesus, do You need lights? What about a big fat guy to be a giver of gifts? Could You move over so the tree will fit? Oh, and I'll sing lots of songs about You while I fill up Your humble crib. Hmmm.

Jesus. He is everything Christmas. He is the Light of the world. The Giver of all good gifts and even the one most important gift of Himself was place in a feeding trough. The tree He rejoiced in was the tree He was crucified upon. His rejoicing was only for us who would be freed from sins bondage. We sing peace on earth goodwill to men along with the angels, but the God of the universe promises to rejoice over us with loud singing!

Yes, I want to go back to Bethlehem. I want to sit at the feet of my Lord and let Him fill my Christmas with His presence! I want to. I can choose this way. I will.

Heavenly Father, I whisper my prayer today, because I know You hear me loud and clear. You hear my heart before my words are formed. You set desires in me and delight to see me unwrap the gifts You know will please me the most. Forgive my efforts to fill up Your space with things of this world. Thank You for sending the real Christmas. Thank You for the perfect Christmas! Let me just sit here in Your presence awhile. I promise to sing only if You put the song in my heart!
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