Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Wrapped Gift

Have you ever opened a big box just to find many smaller boxes inside? Each present inside is wrapped and filled with wonders and delights. I don't ever remember getting a gift like that, but I have given a few.

Today As I came into our church sanctuary, I saw the beautiful Christmas decorations. My eyes were drawn to the center of the back wall. Around the cross a white cloth was draped. It was beautiful!

I thought about the baby Jesus being swaddled in a cloth, and then I also remembered that He was wrapped in a shroud as well. The beginning and the end of His time on earth was marked by the wrapping of the gift: His life.

The presence of God was given to all of us in a man-child named Jesus. He brought us many gifts. We discover them by opening our hearts and opening the Word. I want to take pleasure in discovering anew the gifts I have unwrapped in the past. I also want to find a deeper joy in the revelation of new gifts.

Today Pastor John spoke about the gift of peace that Jesus offers. Peace that passes understanding must come from a good God. The One who can make all things work together for our good is the One who walked in the frailty of flesh and knows intimately how to find the peace for which we all long. This Christmas season I would like to look intently for treasure found in Jesus, the gift that God wrapped especially for us.

Father God, You are the Giver of all good gifts. You are the author of time and Your timing is perfect. Sometimes I forget that and struggle against the wait. Forgive me. Thank You for the Gift of Jesus. Thank You that You cared enough to wrap him up and let us open so many gifts in Him. Open my eyes to see the gifts You offer me each day. Open my heart to receive those gifts with excitement and joy. I begin today by unwrapping Your peace. Thank You!
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