Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Falling Flat

Super Bowl party was interesting. I made a play that was surprisingly SUPER!!

I was heading for the corner of the couch around a coffee table, not noticing the ripple in the rug. Holding my plate of banana pudding (oh so good!), I tripped and somehow avoided the lap of the man in front of me, held onto my dish, and landed safely on the couch in the only free space, the corner seat next to the man I avoided. No fumble, no injury. Felt like a touchdown! YES!

I've fallen in embarrassing situations a couple of times in my life, and I am so glad this trip fared as well as it did. There are lessons to be learned every time I find myself tumbling over my feet. I am happy to share them with you.

1. Sometimes falling is beyond our control. When the rug is pulled out from under your feet, there is usually no where to go but down.

2. Gravity exerts its power mercilessly when we find ourselves off balance. We can wobble slightly, but if we teeter too far to one side or another we will be pulled to the ground.

3. When we fall the only right choice is to get up and start over. Staying down only leads to more embarrassment.

4. Never turn away a helping hand. When you fall hard, it is usually a struggle to get up by yourself. If someone offers a helping hand don't refuse!

I suppose it would be best to not fall too often. There are lessons to learn about how to stay upright as well.

1. Be alert. There are enemies that would like to take you down, but if you watch you just might thwart their plans!

2. Keep your feet planted on a firm foundation. It is hard to keep your balance on uneven ground.

The truth is that we all fall at sometime or another. We are human and imperfect. There is One, however, that came to lift us up. He even promises that our fumbles can be turned into something good for us, if we let Him show us how.

Holy and Perfect Father, You are our strong foundation. You lift us up when everything around us tries to hold us down. You are our salvation! We have fallen often because we do not stay firmly rooted in You. Forgive us, Lord. Thank You for making our way right when we have done so much wrong. Lead us in Your level paths and teach us to walk the straight and narrow way. We trust You!
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