Friday, February 15, 2013

Belated Valentine

I was kept busy yesterday and did not get to write a Valentine blog, so I am here to send a timeless Valentine message to all my readers.

There is a Valentine for everyone. St. Valentine, for whom the day is named, sent messages from his prison cell, not to his wife or girlfriend, but to everyone who would listen. His message was that God loved us. Valentine told the story about The God who sent Jesus to live with us, die for us, and then live again in our hearts! This is good news! It is the best valentine message for all people.

Our Valentine's Day has become a romantic card and gift day for couples. Those without a special someone find Valentines Day lonely and maybe depressing, but there is good news as I have said. No one needs to feel rejected or unlovable. Everyone has a very special Someone to love them and for them to love!

God, the Creator of all, longs to love and be loved by His greatest creation, people. He did everything possible to make it happen even while we still rejected and ran away from His advances toward us. He is a committed lover. He gave everything to bring people back into His loving embrace.

It is a wonderful gift to have a mate or special person in our lives, but the greatest love we can enjoy is the love God offers. Today my message of love comes directly from Him. He loves you with an eternal love.

Loving and Eternal God, You are the Valentine we all desire. You are the Perfect Lover. I am so very sorry for the times I toss aside Your love for the lesser loves of this world. Forgive me! Thank You for never failing to be there when I call to You. Thank You for loving me when I am so very unlovable. Thank You for being Love itself! Let me know Your love and share it with everyone I meet. Let me be Your valentine to the people I meet. I want to love others like You have loved me.
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