Monday, July 6, 2009

Heavy Burdens Turn Light

Heavy burdens can become lighter when we walk with the Lord.

During our Firework tent sale we had many little problems that ranged from minor irritations to the more serious "Let's talk this over, Lord" situations. A couple of our tents had rain that puddled and made things miserable for our workers and customers alike. In fact one tent was so muddy that people were driven away by the mess. We also had the hot muggy weather with which to contend. Then there were the permits and inspectors that were a struggle to obtain this year or caustic when dealing with them. Opposition and attacks of theft burdened our days. But in it all we were blessed to be around many people who were celebrating the freedoms we still enjoy.

God enriched our lives with His simple delights! He always makes our burdens easier to bear. My daughter told stories of tourists from other countries who came to their tent just to take pictures! They had never seen anything like it. They were shocked at our freedom to sell such things that explode just so we could celebrate our nation's birthday. A little old man and his tiny dog came by our tent and as he left God spoke to my heart to go talk to him. I simply asked him if he was a Veteran. Yes, he was, from the Korean war. When I thanked him he was taken aback. He told me that so few people had ever thanked him for his service to our country. He was visibly touched and so was I. Late on the Fourth I narrowly escaped two possible accidents. A deer ran across the road in front of me and someone ran a red light as I neared an intersection.

We welcomed little children who spoke about their lives and what they were doing to celebrate; met a man who is an alumni from our Alma Mater, Colorado State, living here in Central Florida; encouraged people to get involved in the political process and campaigned a bit for Marco Rubio for Florida Senator. Family and friends came to visit and some even helped without pay! We were brought cookies and enjoyed some really good food, especially after it was all finished!

We could dwell on the losses and the trials but we choose to put our trust in God, thinking about the good things. His provision, protection and pleasure is more than enough. It does not matter that the enemy is against us, because God who lives in us is greater!

Thank You, Provider of all good gifts. We have been richly rewarded because You have watched over us in all things. Thank You for lifting our burdens and bringing Son light into our lives!
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