Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pour In~Splash Out

Pour in Gods' Word and good things will splash out.

Oh how I wish I could keep my mouth shut! I don't talk idle talk often but every time I do it seems to come back to me in the wrong way. When will I ever learn?

Cleaning up the mess of careless words is like trying to catch the spilled milk before it reaches the end of the table or the space between leaves. On the other hand pouring Gods' word into myself and others will allow only good to splash out and no clean up is necessary! It is time to clean up a mess, but also time to pour in God's word. Maybe the splash will help with the clean up!

Father forgive my careless talk and teach me to guard my tongue even with those I think I can trust. Help me as I try to clean up the mess and stay true to the truth. I know Your word will help me!
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