Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Like Minutes

Awhile back my Granddaughter, Brooke, became frustrated waiting for a fun outing. she expressed her frustration to me saying, "I don't like hours! I like minutes!" I understood perfectly, because I, too, like minutes better than hours when waiting for the good things promised to me.

It tries our patience to wait, but in the waiting and persevering we can reap the reward of Gods' best. We may need to persevere for years before the best shows up. It beats a second or third best any day, though.

Wait upon the Lord. Wait and don't settle for second best. Wait for God's ultimate best! This is what I keep telling myself and someday I will be delighted in the very great reward My Lord has planned for me. Till then I wait in expectation staying faithful and pushing through the doubts and difficult times. His best always is wrapped up in more of HIM!

Teach me to wait, Lord! Teach me Your ways! I want more of You!
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