Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Thoughts

I am convinced that our beloved country is running far away from its Christian roots. Yesterday's election was difficult. The polls prove that we are sharply divided in what direction we should take. The presidential winner proves that our country is aiming for a freedom without boundaries.

It is apparent to me that the men who are representing my country and my state have a different world view than I do. They believe the world should be a place where God might be tolerated (only if He is not the God of Christians), but He is not to direct us in any way. My world view is that God, our Creator, is much wiser and more capable than man to set up guidelines for our lives. It is through Him that good prevails. His Word is the foundation on which we should stand.

So what is a Christian to do? I believe that since our home is in heaven, and we are here for just a short time, we must do the work God has asked us to do. We must occupy, stand our ground, be good stewards and do our part to further the Kingdom of God through the Good News of Jesus Christ. Above all of that, we must love one another.

Today is another day in living my life in line with God's word, even when the rest of our country or world goes the other way.

Father God, You have annointed and appointed our President as either our leader to bring us closer to You, or to lead us further into judgement for our turning away from You. It is Your will that presides. We have been complacent in our standing firm for our country's foundation in Your word. Forgive us. Thank You for allowing us to live here in America! Thank You for our rights, privileges, and opportunities to influence through our vote. I pray that our voices will be heard even in our loss. I ask You to make a way for us to work together towards You.
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