Saturday, November 17, 2012

Follow Me

"Follow me, Grommers!" Abi came searching for me. She wanted me to play with her. Her command was wreathed in a big grin, and as I stood to go with her, she bounced away saying over and over, "Follow me! Follow me, Grommers!"

Abi asks me to trail her everywhere; outside to play, dancing in the living room, or to the car for a ride to the store. She leads, and I tag along after that bouncing delightful imp. It is fun to follow her!

I think Jesus must have called His disciples with a smile. I can imagine Him say, "Follow Me," and then walk away with a spring in his step and an air of excitement for the adventure that lay ahead. No wonder they dropped everything to become His disciples. I don't think anyone would have kept in step with even Jesus, if He asked in solemn and serious tones. We Christians have proved that doesn't work!

Jesus knows the final destination is glorious happiness and joy for His followers. He leads us to a better place. Yes, He knows that the way will be difficult, but the final reward is worth it. That is why He asks us to follow him with joy! Can you see His smile at calling you to join him on the journey? I can!

Will you follow me? I am following Jesus. I am filled with excitement about the journey, because Jesus is with us in Spirit every step of the way. Let's go together! We can smile, laugh and maybe even cry, but always knowing that there are amazing things ahead!

Father, God, You sent Jesus to call us to follow Him back to You! I am excited to see You! You are so Good! Forgive me when I have not been the Christ-Follower that makes the trip back to You a delight for others. Thank You for spreading a path of joy before me when I see You in all things. Let my smile be a light for others to follow. Let them find You through me.

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