Friday, November 30, 2012


Today is rehearsal day for my son and his bride. Tomorrow is their wedding day. They have planned and made preparations for their special occasion. They have prayed and worked hard to prepare for the days that will grow into years after they promise each other their love in a sacred covenant. Today they rehearse for the vow making ceremony.

Rehearsals take place for many occasions. Most often for entertainment productions. I suppose even a wedding is some sort of show put on by the Bride and Groom. Rehearsals are meant to make sure no major glitches are made. The couple and their families want it to be a picture perfect day. But what about for every day life?

Life is lived in moments that can knock us off our feet and our foundation if we are not prepared. But how do we prepare for unplanned events? Sickness, health, riches, poverty, births, deaths, and a multitude of other circumstances change life in an instant. They cannot be rehearsed, or can they?

The best rehearsal for life interruptions is to live every day focused on the end. That is what Jesus did. He looked beyond the cross to the glory that awaited Him. (Heb. 12:1-2). Today you may be rehearsing for the grandest day of your life, the day you meet Jesus face to face. You must know who Jesus is before you can practice meeting Him. For me, it means staying near His people, praying, and reading His word.

Father God, You are the giver of the best gift. You gave Jesus to lead and guide us. You await our coming to join You. Thank You for the wedding feast that awaits us in heaven. Thank You for giving Jesus as an example of how to rehearse even in the midst of life's turmoils. Today I ask You to bless Joseph and Katie as they join together to give You glory in their marriage. Be our vision for the journey ahead.
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