Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming Home

Tonight at the airport, my sister, family and friends will welcome home my niece, Lyn, from her tour of duty in South Korea. Though I won't be able to be there, I can already see in my minds eye, the tears, hugs, smiles and cheering as Lyn walks off the plane. I imagine her being tired but happy to be home for now.

Lyn is in the Air Force. She loves it. It has been a place for her to shine and grow and find a future and purpose. Though she has been happy doing her work, she has also had to miss holidays and special moments with family. She has experienced homesickness and the rigors of working without the rest and comfort of a very familiar place. We tried to help her by sending a poster with all our hands traced on it with our names and little notes inside. We titled it "Reach Out and Touch Someone!" Lyn was missed and we are glad to have her home for a little while. I am pretty sure she missed home and is happy to have time to be here too.

Over the past few weeks my sister has counted down the weeks, then the days and now the hours til she will reach out and touch her daughter after such a long time. As I watched and listened to my sister, I wondered if Jesus waits as she does, to finally reach out and touch us? Does He long for the human touch of those He has saved? I think He must! I know from my own experience that I get homesick for heaven sometimes. I long to have Jesus wrap His arms around me and whisper "I love you" in my ear. I can only imagine, just like the song, what I really will do when that time comes.

Jesus knows the number of my days, but I don't. He knows, and yet, He encourages me to keep running the race with Him to the finish line. He does not want me to stop and wait for the minutes to catch up. He wants me to use every minute to love God, love people and serve.

Father, Thank You for bringing Lyn home for awhile. This is only a rest time for her as she continues on her journey doing her work and to be the best she can be. Let it be a time of filling for her. Allow her to be filled with all the good things she loves. You have made good plans for each of us. Forgive us for not accepting Your time and Your place and Your purpose for our lives. Thank You for helping us when we fall down and giving us the strength to keep running the race to the last breath! You are so GOOD!
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