Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Proverbs 23

Proverbs 23:13a "Do not withhold discipline from a child;"
Proverbs 23:26 "My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways."

Two toddlers. Curious minds. Dangerous world. Though my house is childproof there are still dangers that lurk about and entice curious minds. It is difficult for me to hear my grandchildren cry, but I must if I am to keep them safe and teach them to do the right thing.

Jacob and Abi do not like to clean up messes or wait for their turn to play with a toy. They do not like when they must come in from outside and rest a little from the hot sun. They cry when I won't let them eat candy or sweet crackers for breakfast and lunch. They cry and I don't like it. But it is good to discipline them to help with chores, share, and take good care of themselves.

Discipline. OUCH! That is a tough word and sadly lacking in our lives today. It seems so much easier to let our little ones do as they wish, until they become teens or adults who cannot say "No" to themselves.

I don't like discipline and procrastinate or ignore the things I should do. My heart needs to get in the game! I must put priorities on that which will discipline me to do the right things.

My heart in God's hands is safe. My eyes set on Him will lead me in the right way. Maybe the hardest but most useful discipline is putting my heart with God's heart and watch Him to see what I need to be doing!

Father God, You are Good! You are the discipline I need. No, I don't like it because I want my own way most of the time. I want to do things my way, but Your way is best! Thank You for always being there asking me to "Come!" Thank You for being a good Father that disciplines and knows that my rebellion and resistance will only bring me pain. You are so good to me, TNANK YOU! Take my heart, Lord, and mold it to fit Your ways, even when it hurts.
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