Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Can of Worms

It seems my words often open a can of worms. I've started three blogs today and deleted them because I am in no mood to open the can of worms that could cause more trouble than I would anticipate. So, here I sit, wondering what to write when my can of worms begs to be opened so that I can be myself.

I could write about my desire to be the kind of Christian that does not force my way onto others but shares God's way and stands firm on the truths' in the bible. *A Can of Worms*

I could write about being my honest and open self and not letting others tell me that I should put on a mask so that others will like me better. *A Can of Worms*

I could open the can of worms, or I can give them to God. I have a feeling that He would know exactly what to do with them! In fact most of the time I write this blog as if writing to God, not only to those of you who listen in to my ramblings. Tonight it just seems hard to do. I feel too vulnerable. So, I will keep the lid on things for now. I won't stir up things and make others uncomfortable. Tomorrow I may have something to stir your hearts. God is stirring mine today!

Father, You are my Hiding Place. you are my Strong Tower. You are my refuge. Thank You for wrapping me up in Your strong arms and comforting me even as You stir up all that lies within my soul. Forgive me, Lord, for worrying about the can of worms. They are now in Your hands. Keep them until I need to use them. I rest in You.
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