Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conversation Hearts

Last night Patrick and I had a sweet conversation. We connected in a special way. We didn't need the little conversation heart candies to spark the conversation though. We simply slid into that relaxed open and honest place where we could be totally vulnerable with each other. I'd like to say that happens every day, but it wouldn't be as special if it did.

Vulnerable hearts are not only ready to share honest thoughts, but they also listen to honest words from the one they love and trust. Easy? Not always. I know that I can quickly put up my defenses if I am not willing to love with openness. I must decide to see, hear, speak and feel truth, and I can only do that with God's love flowing through me.

Patrick and I spoke about love and our understanding of the threefold cord God says is so hard to break. We have loved that scripture throughout our marriage. (Eccl. 4:12) It has been our promise to one another in that we have decided to let God be the third cord in our marriage. Conversing about God's cord that entwines with ours, reinforces our choice to love. That is what made the conversation so sweet. Allowing ourselves to vulnerably reveal our dependancy on God to make our love live, made the evening conversation blessed. Our hearts were given to God and one another in conversation, or should I say prayer?

Word of God, You are the third cord that binds us together in love. You are the Trinity of strength, perfection and love that we need. We cannot love without You present in our lives. Thank You for the strength You bring to those who need Your love. We need You. Fill our hearts with words of love for You and for one another.
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