Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Trouble with Love

Love God, love others, love yourself. The two great commandments demand us to love. The object of our greatest love should be God, then we are to love others as we love ourselves. The trouble with love is that it is not easy.

God is good all the time. He is perfect and He is loving, giving, just, and forgiving. It should be easy to love God, but I find it difficult at times. He wants the very best for me and will push me to put away those things in my life that hold me back keeping me from being all I need to be. Why would I not love God, who knows what is best and who loves me so much, enough to do what He asks? Why do I refuse to return His love by my obedience?

Loving others is also hard. They are not perfect. I don't want to give them the best, because I don't think they deserve it. It is especially strange that I would not find loving my husband or children to be easy. They have given me much joy and loved me at times when I have been very unlovable. It just isn't easy to always love as I should.

Then there is myself. Loving me can be the hardest of all. I know my weaknesses. I know those things I hide away from others. When it comes time to love myself through tough times or challenges those shadows block out the light and make love tremble. Can I really love myself after saying what I said, or doing what I did? Loving is a difficult choice.

The trouble with love is that it is meant for all; the good, the bad and the ugly. It is not to be hoarded for special times of perfect behavior. It is meant for all times. Love can trouble my soul. I am commanded to love by making a simple choice. The trouble is that the choice is made only after a battle in my soul is won.

Good and Loving Father, You are the victory I seek. You are the Love I need and You have never withheld that love! Thank You! A battle rages in my soul to love as You have commanded. I submit my will to You. Fill me with Your love for myself, others and for You! Change my heart O God.
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