Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Simple I Love You

Valentine's Day is said to have been a remembrance of St. Valentine. He was sent to prison for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. While in prison he would write love notes to those on the outside. The notes encouraged others to also share their love and the love of God. It is a beautiful story.

The commercialization of Valentine's Day has disquised the love note into expensive, gifts, fancy flowers, over-indulgent candies and greeting cards. I admit it is not easy to write a love note. I am a writer, and I struggle to find the right words, so I understand the frantic rush to find just the right gift or card to say "I love you!" I also admit that for a short time the gift, flowers, candy or card does make us feel warm and loved. Maybe the bigger the gift the longer the feeling lasts, but a token of our love for someone can never replace the daily faithful loving expressions between true lovers.

Most T.V., movies, and commercials would have us believe that true love must be expressed by money spent. On this day after Valentine's Day I would have to say that the expression of love goes much deeper. Love can be simply expressed in the quiet moments sitting near by and enjoying the presence of love. It is the simple times of sharing your day and knowing the other person is really listening. It is being willing to step into the other persons' life, good and bad, and not walking away. It may not be easy to say "I love you," but it is simple. It is a simple choice to put the other person first.

Wonderful Loving God, You are high and lifted up! You deserve our love. You have every right to demand our attention and our devotion. You gave us Your Son and Valentine who loved Him enough to follow His example. They gave unselfishly to others. They put others first so that they might know they were loved. Thank You! Teach us, Lord to love simply. Fill us with Your Spirit of Love so that we might turn away from our selfish desires. Help us to love You as You deserve.
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