Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marriage is Hard Work

When I was dreaming about being married as a young woman, I thought marriage was easy. You fall in love, and stay in love, "Til death do you part." Now that I am living the "Dream" of being married, I know that it is hard work.

It does not take much in the way of time, or issues to cause a marriage to break down. It can be like having a flat tire on a deserted road. Something is said or not said. Things are done or not done. Misunderstood words or actions can be like the nail in the road that punctures the tire. It is time for the couple to get out of the car and fix what is wrong. Walking away in opposite directions may seem like an option, but it isn't. Others who might pass the same way, may know your vehicle and wonder why it was abandoned, or the children might be left sitting in the back seat wondering where they should go to be safe. It is the little things that, when ignored, will become a major problem in the end.

My husband, Patrick, and I have taken time to service our marriage like a conscientious car owner might service his cars. We go on dates weekly. We attend marriage enrichment seminars. We read books about marriage. Recently we began reading the book, "Living in Love" by James and Betty Robison. Patrick bought them for us for Christmas. We each have a copy so we can read on our own, answer the questions and then come together to discuss. It is a good way to repair damage done and do a little preventive maintenance.

I look forward to the next sermon series on marriage that John will begin on Sunday. The church and our country need the solid foundation of strong marriages. Tough times put stress on relationships, but there are helps. We are all affected by the marriages that fail. We are also affected by those marriages that last a loving lifetime.

God is the author of the marriage covenant. He even designed it to work between Himself and the church. He is the source of strength between a couple, or the hammer and nails that can repair them. He is the third cord that makes the couple not easily broken. (see Eccl.4:9-12)

Threefold Cord, God and author of the marriage covenant, You made us so different and yet, You desire for us to live together as one. You are Love, and You ask us to love one another as You have loved the church. It is hard sometimes, Lord. It is so easy to walk away from the hard work it takes to be the sign of Your love in the world. Help our marriages to grow. Help us to live our lives for a greater purpose than our own. Thank You for supplying us with Your word, Your grace, and Your love. Make us like You!
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