Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking a Stand

It is not often that I speak up about where I stand. I don't need to because it seems I can be read by most people when I feel strongly about something. In leadership, however, there comes a time when it is mandatory to make a statement that clarifies my position. I am standing in one of those places now.

My position is to stand firmly on God's word without giving in to popular opinion or the fear of hurting someones feelings. The issue is complicated. Though I might not reveal the issue here today, I can assure you that I have prayed, studied, and weighed the issue for a long time. I do not claim to have a definitive answer, but I remain firm in believing God's word on the subject.

My spirit is solid. My feelings are tender. The conflict is in knowing my steeled stance will hurt someone I care about. My hope is that the pain will be the catalyst that will turn them to Christ and the Truth.

Those affected by my taking a stand will undoubtedly see me as being unloving and uncaring. They may also see the place where I stand as a judgement seat. It is so far from the truth! I do love them and care for them. More importantly Jesus loves them and cares for them. He suffered so that they would know His love forever. I do not place myself as judge over them, but I do stand near the Judge and claim Him the Righteous Judge. His judgement is right.

My desire is that when I speak up, my friend will see that I care, and finally see what she tries so hard to disguise.

Righteous Judge and Father, You have taught me how to leave the judgement in Your hands. you have shown me my own sin in light of the cross so that I no longer can stand in judgement upon others. It is all between You and the individual. But, Lord, there are many times when I use that as an excuse to not speak up or stand firm on the Truth You have given us. Forgive me, Lord! Help me to stand close to You against every sin, mine first and then others. Thank You for judging rightly. Thank You for seeing our hearts. Thank You for providing us all with a Savior in Jesus The Christ!
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