Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Proverbs Nine

Proverbs 9;11 For by me your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life.

My husband, Patrick, does not like to celebrate his birthday. I think he feels strange being the center of attention for the simple fact that he has lived for another year. It doesn't stop me from celebrating. I like to celebrate the years we live on this blue sphere! I have coaxed and pleaded with Patrick to join in the party for him! Sometimes it is easier than others. On the other hand, my daughter has a "Week of Erin" to celebrate her life. It is good to live!

Do you know anyone who does not want a long life? Who does not celebrate birthdays that add up? I suppose if we could remove all sorrows and pain there would be a rush to live forever. Funny, that sounds like heaven! It is heaven, and it is forever! Life forever lived with fullness in every way!

Days multiplied and years added come only by the God of Wisdom. It is only those days and years lived without Wisdom that we may want to subtract from our lives. I guess that makes a good argument to start living with Wisdom while we are young.

God of Wisdom, You increase our days and years. You do not take away, but there are times when I want to go a different way from Your path. It is then that I believe the lie of the enemy; You subtract and diminish. How foolish I am to think that! Forgive me, Lord! Thank You for continuing to add to my years by multiplying my days! I want to remember You and give You the praise every day and for all those growing moments!
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