Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best Me

I believe that the best God can give us is Himself. I also believe that to become the best of what I can be, means that I am to be part of Him.

God breathed His life into man. Life is a mysterious word, isn't it? We know some things about it, but we cannot capture it at its essence. Our bodies live, but our bodies are not life itself. Life continues long after the body dies. Life is in the blood according to God's word, but the blood itself is not life. God is life! He breathed Himself into our physical bodies, and He gives spiritual life to us by breathing the Holy Spirit into us.

This does not make us God or gods. We are simply vessels used for His glory.

The best me I can be is the me that is filled with the life of God. My tiny part in the Body of Christ is to be the best tiny part of God that He made me to be!

My good character qualities are the life of God seen through me. Gods' character is emmence and must certainly be seen through billions of beings who have His life breathed into them. Like the kalideoscope we are the tiny shards that allow His light to shine through us. We can be translucent or opaque by our choices. The best me is transparently revealing God to the world.

Breath of Heaven, You are also the light of the world! You are the life essence we cannot see but we can know. Our minds cannot comprehend Your thought or the emmence nature of Your holiness. Thank You for giving us, Your creation, a part of Your life to share with the world. Thank You for the breath that gives me eternal life. I want to be continually filled with every breath You take! Fill me and let Your glory be known!
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