Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I like the word "Communion." It brings a picture to mind of bread and wine, but there is so much more. Communion is an intimate joining of two. There is a sense of sharing and exchange. To enjoy communion with someone, it is imperative that you come to an agreement and both draw close to one another.

Intimate moments enjoyed because of the faithful promises of two parties is communion.

When my husband and I exchange understanding words or touches, we enjoy a deep and close union that renews our love vows to one another. We become united, not always in agreement, but in committed love. Bowing over the bread and juice in worship of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, draws me deeper into His heart where my love and commitment to serve Him is strengthened. This is communion that satisfies and fills me with joy.

Communion is a beautifully blessed word, but even more so it is a beautiful expression of love and unity.

Dearest Lord Jesus, you commune with Your people in many ways. You open Your arms and Your heart to receive us. You invite us to breathe You into our very being. You draw us deeper into Your presence and change us. We need to be changed. Thank You for giving us more of You each time we receive communion. Thank You for giving us communion with spouses, parents, children, friends and siblings. We are blessed, bless us more!
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