Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Change and Yellow Roses

Change seems to be the word to describe these next couple of weeks, months or maybe the year for our family. It begins this weekend when my daughter and her family will be moving from our home to their own place. It has been a long time, and it will be very new for all of us. The change will be a relief and difficult at the same time.

I want change for me too. I want a new place to call my own. I want it, not because I am dissatisfied with this house, but because without kids it is much too big for just the two of us. I imagine it will be like a huge cavern with the kids gone. I wonder if there will be echos. Will I wander about the empty rooms wondering why I have no one to blame for the messes?

Change. I do not find change easy. I hunt for smooth transitions and meaningful ways to celebrate the change. It helps to ease my heavy heart at letting go and embracing the new. With this change I think I want yellow roses. Why? I don't know. I watched a documentary Entitled Yellow Roses. It was about young girls finding their sense of identity and worth. I am not sure the yellow roses would be that for me, but maybe. One thing is sure, Yellow roses are my favorites! They cheer me up. Yes, I want yellow roses for myself and maybe to give to my Grandladies as they move to a new home. Maybe yellow roses will cheer them too!

Father, I know You are watching as we step into this new place. You know our hearts. You know our hesitancy to change. If there will be tears I know You will treasure them and weep with us. You will be our comforter, protector and friend. You will make all of this work out for our good. Thank You for being near while we change our lives into new places. We need You now and always!
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